Lua – Te Marama

 hello family and friends and students this is my Te Marama poem I did this in reading activity and we were making it on are reading groups me and my friend were doing it on are croem book  and we were going to play a game outside at 9:50 and I wasn,t done but my teacher tolled me to go and play and then I went outside to play soccer i was in my friends team and we play but are teacher tolled us to get inside but we say last goal win and then we goal and win

Kia ora my name is Lua

Kia ora my name is Lua and I go to Glen Innes School. I’m in year 5 and my teacher is Miss Cunningham. My favourite subject at school is maths. I enjoy reading different books like scary ones. I am good at writing. My goal for this year is to get better at playing soccer.                                     

Egg Experement

 Egg Experiment.

On Monday The 23rd of may we were doing an egg experiment.  First Mrs Kumar brought 2 eggs and  salt and two Glasses to the classroom. Then Mrs kumar put Water in The glasses  mrs kumar  asked Zion to put The table at The Front of the class.  Mrs Kumar came with two eggs and salt Then Mrs kumar  put them on The table  Mrs Kumar put the salt in the Glasses. One  glass  Was  salt and one Glass was   Clear water then Mrs kumar ask Terrell To  put The eggs in The glasses Mrs kumar asked Primrose to put  1 egg in the salt Water and it  floated in the water you can see the egg Inside the glass and it was floating and we were asking Question.  Mrs kumar  asked us to go and get  our Chromebooks we went to room 8 Site then we went onto Writing and Mrs  kumar told us to write about the experiment.

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